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Knolling Bones

by Knolling Bones

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Live Fast 03:37
The clock is tickin'. What are you thinkin'? I’ve got some real bad news for you, this ship is sinkin'. Are you satisfied? Or are you terrified of everything the future holds? Come on and open your mind! You only get one chance. Live fast! No need to make it last. Live fast! Live fast and die. Whatcha waiting for? Go out and get some more. It doesn’t matter how long you stay. Nobody’s keeping score. No time to waste. Come have a taste of the life you’ve been looking for, before you're gone without a trace.
Light A Fire 02:56
I watch ‘em die one by one. The same can happen to anyone. Never think that it can’t happen to you. You drop your guard and now your dead too. Never even saw it comin’ did ya? You slowed down, and it caught up and bit ya. Do you wanna reignite your desire? Take my hand, we’re gonna light a fire. LIGHT A FIRE INSIDE YOURSELF You wanna cry, and let it all out. Money can’t be what it’s all about. Are you sick of getting put through the ringer? Face the day with a middle finger! 9 to 5 is gonna take take its toll. You’re gonna need sex, drugs, and rock n roll! Do you wanna reignite your desire? Take my hand, we’re gonna light a fire. True beauty is visible with your eyes closed, if you let yourself see it. You can be the master of the Netherworld if you let yourself be it. If you really wanna feel the other side I can send you in with all the right tools. Forget everything you think you know. Forget about all of the rules.
Let's trip tonight. Don’t get nervous when I kill the light. Put stress aside. Suppress your fear, and let them be your guide. Blast Off! Hyperspace awaits. (we are waiting for you) Blast Off! Hyperspace awaits. Yeah, they’re waiting for you. Come see the sights. A whole new world, through brand new eyes. And you won't forget that first time when you all met.
Only 19 Baby face space queen She's running the show Yeah she was so down Didn’t fuck around She was ready to go So we got to goin’ Love started flowin' Laid it down all through the night Oh yeah, that was day one What have I done? Wrong don’t wanna be right I swear that alien pussy’s gonna be the death of me yet I swear that alien pussy’s gonna be the death of me Abduction Seduction Space Babe got me so I can’t even function It’s crazy! She turned 20 Rocket ship honey Blast off! Blow me away The taste of her skin Mixed with psilocybin That’s where I wanna stay She’ll keep going if I let her My kisses get her wetter Hope she doesn't eat me alive Oh yeah, we were so high I think we died Take me back into the hive


released April 30, 2019


all rights reserved



Knolling Bones Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

A two-piece Rock n Roll hammer.

Musical minimalism meets sonic maximalism.

Get down with it.

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